2017-2018 Portfolio

Spanish Princess

Heading 6
Here I explore using costume changes to shows my character's progression through the story, using a 3 act structure as an example.
Format: Ballet Influenced 3D Animation.
Logline: A moorish princess with a passion for dance faces her impending coronation. Afraid that she will never be able to see the world and will be forever limited to the restrictive dance style of nobility, she disguise herself ans sneaks out of her castle to explore new worlds of dance. (Loosely based on the 12 princesses)

Sugar Sentinel

When a story takes place in a fantastical or surreal setting, the possibilities for the fabrics materials are endless. Here I explore incorporating imaginative materials so I can increase the aesthetic appeal of my costume design as well a choosing materials that better suit the narrative.
Format: 3D Feature Animation.
Logline: In a Kingdom flourishing because of their sugarcane, a young rash warrior apprentice must fight off greedy invaders out to steal their crops. In order to protect their land and the helpless creatures who inhabit the forest, she must come up with a strategy to outwit the persistent intruders.


More information about the Lacuna Game

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